Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture Research
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  • Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture Research, a monthly internationally peer-reviewed journal, seeks to promote rapid communication and exchange particularly in practical application of up-to-date technology in realm of civil engineering, architecture technology and other relevant fields. And articles interpreting successful policies, programs or cases are also welcome.

    Editorial Board
    Augusto Cesar da Silva Bezerra (Federal Center for Technological Education of Minas Gerais, Brazil); Antonio Formisano (University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy);
    Ajith Rao (Building Sciences Group, USG, USA);
    Antonella Violano (Second University of Naples, Italy);
    Carlos Renzo Zeballos Velarde (Far Eastern Federal University, Russia);
    Darja Kube?ková (VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic);
    Fernando Pacheco-Torgal (University of Minho, Portugal);
    Guglielmina Mutani (DENERG-Politecnico di Torino, Italy);
    José Guilherme Santos da Silva (State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil);
    Mikayel Melkumyan (Center of New Construction Technologies, Armenia);
    Najm Obaid Salim Alghazali (Babylon University, Iraq);
    Nadhir Al-Ansari (Lulea University of Technology, Sweden);
    Nam-Il Kim (Sejong University, South Korea);
    Neritan Shkodrani (Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania);
    Om Prakash (WEST Consultants, Inc., USA);
    Paulo Barreto Cachim (University of Aveiro, Portugal);
    Paola Gallo (University of Florence, Italy);
    Paata Rekvava (Ministry of Defense of Georgia, Georgia);
    Rosa Romano (University of Florence, Italy);
    Raja Rizwan Hussain (King Saud University, Saudi Arabia);
    Tiago Miguel Ferreira (University of Aveiro, Portugal);
    Wong Wah-Sang (University of Hong Kong, China);
    Zhao-Dong Xu (Southeast University, China)


Aim & Objectives
Editorial Board

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