Canadian Journal on Technology Innovation
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  • Canadian Journal on Technology Innovation is a peer reviewed journal features high quality papers on the theory and application of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Bio-Medical, Architecture, Geology and Civil Engineering, which are in turn linked to practical disciplines.

    Dr. Martin Hope
    University of Salford, UK
    Manuscript Submission
    Original contributions are solicited on topics covered under broad areas such as (but not limited to):
     ----------------- Computer Science -----------------
    Artificial Intelligence
    Automated Software Engineering
    Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing
    Biomedical Engineering
    Compilers and Interpreters
    Computational Intelligence
    Computer Animation
    Computer Architecture & VLSI
    Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
    Computer Games
    Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality
    Computer Modeling
    Computer Networks
    Computer Security
    Computer Simulation
    Computer Vision
    Computer-aided Design/Manufacturing
    Computing Ethics
    Computing Practices & Applications
    Control Systems
    Data Communications
    Data Compression
    Data Encryption
    Data Mining
    Digital Signal Processing
    Distributed Systems
    Event Driven Programming
    Expert Systems
    High Performance Computing
    Image Processing
    Information Retrieval
    Information Systems
    Mobile Computing

    ----------------  Electrical & Electronics -----------------
    Electrical Machines
    Electric Drivers and Application
    Electrical Traction Systems and Control
    Electromagnetic and Applied Superconductivity
    Industrial Process Control and Automation
    Power System Planning and Scheduling
    VLSI & Embedded System
    Analog ad Digital devices and Services
    Digital Signal Processing
    Microprocessor based Technologies
    Digital Communication
    Information Technology Application
    Control Theory and Application
    Knowledge Management
    Modeling and simulation
    Power Electronics Controllers for Power Systems
    Custom power devices
    Distributed generation
    Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion
    Switch-mode power supplies and UPS
    Telecommunications power supplies
    ---------------- Mechanical Engineering ------------------------
    Kinematics, Mechanics and Mechanism Design
    Legged Robots, Wheeled Mobile Robots
    Machine Design
    Machine Elements
    Machine Toll Design, CNC, Metrology
    Machining Processes
    Man Machine Interfaces
    Manufacturing System Architecture, Design and Performance
    Material Science
    Materials and Material Processing
    Mechanical Metallurgy
    Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
    Mechanisms, Systems
    Mechatronic Systems and Applications
    Mechatronics Design
    Mechatronics Education
    Medical Robots and Systems
    Metal Cutting
    Metal Forming
    Methodologies for Robotics and Automation
    Micro Mechatronics
    Micro/Nano, Distributed, Cellular and Multi Robots
    Modeling and Simulation of Mechatronic Systems
    Modeling, Planning and Control
    Motion Control
    Network based control systems
    Operations Research
    Personal and Service Robotics
    Petri Nets
    Process Control
    Production Management
    Production Technology

    ----------------  Civil Engineering ------------------------------
    Civil Engineering, Management and Surveying
    Computer Controlled Site Instrumentation
    Conceptual Design Support
    Construction Automation and Robotics
    Construction Engineering and Management
    Dam Engineering
    Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery
    Distributed Computing in Engineering
    Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
    Energy for Building
    Environment and Energy
    Enviromental Modeling
    Environmental Engineering
    Environmental Protection
    Formfinding, Topology and Structural Morphology
    Foundation Engineering
    Fracture Mechanics
    Geographical Information Systems
    Geotechnical Analysis and Design
    Ground Vibration
    Human Computer Interaction and Graphics
    Infrastructure Life-cycle Management
    Intelligent Construction Site
    Lifetime Costs
    Linear and Non-linear Dynamics
    Model Verification and Validation
    Modeling of Concrete Durability
    Monitoring and Maintenance of Infrastructure
    Monitoring of Structures & Buildings
    Numerical Modeling in Geotechnics
    Offshore Structures
    We welcome paper submissions. Prospective authors are invited to submit full (and original research) papers (which is NOT submitted/published/under consideration anywhere in other conferences/journal) in standard ITI single column electronic (DOC or DOCX only) format via email journals @ with following details. The ITI single column electronic format is available in WORD | PDF format.


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