Computer Science Series
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  • The CSS (Computer Science Series) is a Book Series which serves the world’s research and scholarly communities by focusing on Open access publications of its high quality peer reviewed research papers in the field of Computer Science. The audience of the books in CSS consists of advanced level students, researchers, and industry professionals working at the forefront of their fields. Edited volumes and proceedings of refereed international conferences in computer science and Information Technology are featured. These results often precede journal publication and represent the most current research.


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  • Digital, Internet & Open Publications always reduce the barriers of time and space. Anybody can access from anywhere.
  • All digital contents are tagged with the unique number called Digital Object Identifier (DOI).  
  • Your research work will be recognized worldwide; this will maximize the research impact of the papers published.
  • Wide reachability will improve the impact of the paper and Research done.
  • Branding and Copyright protection of all the content published.
  • Zero tolerance policy on plagiarism will protect the digital content. 

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